Fremtenkt offers physical and digital Futures Workshops, courses and teaching programs.

This is the first time I leave a course and already look forward to the next one.

In addition, we organise mapping of companies' impact on sustainable development, design information materials, and much more.

We draw inspiration from the part of futures studies called "Participatory Futures" and from one of the real pioneers in the democratisation of futures: Robert Jungk.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals play an important role in many of our workshops. We encourage participants to see the goals as a framework that highlights the economic, social and environmental aspects that every truly sustainable solution must take into account.

We host physical and digital Futures Workshops, always adapted to context and participants.

This is some of the most fun I've ever had. Finally a discussion about Åsane's future without any quarrels. You led the meeting in an excellent way.


Our workshops give you powerful tools to create profound, positive change from the bottom up.

Are you:

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Please also feel free to read more about our ongoing projects here.

Examples of other work

NVL—SDG impact mapping

On behalf of NVL, the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, Fremtenkt has facilitated the mapping of how each of the ten active networks under the NVL umbrella work with and impact the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.—online teaching resources

On behalf of the Norwegian Climate Foundation, Fremtenkt updated the school resources at to be in line with the new high school curricula that are being phased in beginning with the 20/21 academic year. These are top resources for teachers wondering how to teach topics in climate, environment and sustainability—check them out!